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Create. Discover. Grow.

Sangaree Christian School is a small christian preschool that has been serving its community since 1984. We are here to be a second home for children and lead them to discover themselves and who Jesus is. This is the reason why we started and the reason why we’re still here.


Our History

Once upon a time—1986 to be exact—in a world not so far, far away, God led a man by the name of Mr. Thompson and his wife to build Sangaree Baptist Daycare and Learning Center. They had a heart to serve the community God had placed them in. So, what did they do?  They decided to renovate their entire church into a daycare. (Pretty crazy, huh?) As time passed, more and more children came. Their desires began to shift from just watching kids to teaching them. They changed their mission and their name.

That leads us to today.

Here at Sangaree Christian School our heart is for your children to discover not only what they’re capable of, but who they are in Christ. It is our heart to plant more than just education into their brains, but the truth of God into their hearts. After all, you will reap whatever you sow. We are here today because of what two people decided to sow 35 years ago; and we’re growing still.

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